Principal Choice is a market leader in the Healthcare recruitment industry.

We fill any and all gaps in Healthcare provision, no matter how small or temporary. Our staff care about the service takers, whoever they may be, and can be entrusted to make the best decisions in their interest.
The primary services and areas of expertise of the Principal Choice are as follows: personnel recruitment; compliance; management and payment & reporting systems.

At Principal Choice we take pride in our efficient provision of qualified staff for good value. Our employees are given up-to-date training. Hence, we can provide staff quickly, and at late notice. We believe that care should be affordable, and as such we offer competitive prices to care for our clients.
The number-one concern of Our staff are the satisfaction and safeguarding of service users. That’s why we guarantee confidential service – our staff are fully up to date on the need for proper information governance and the protection of sensitive data.


Customer Service


Principal Choice is a major recruiter of Healthcare staff. We have developed systems and strategies to identify and attract qualified staff through the internet, published media and other resources, to meet our client’s needs. The stages of our recruitment process are given below:

  • We source applicants through some methods and conduct in-depth motivational and behavioural interviews face-to-face with all candidates, wherever possible. We ensure our candidates are passionate about their job by initial screening.
  • We make sure all suitable checks are also ran such as Work History, professional and personal references and CRB/DBS.
  • Principal Choice ensures and provides mandatory training and induction for our employees to be familiar with company policies and guidelines.
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory requirements ; the checking and confirmation of credentials and qualifications for all candidates. these are the principal activities of our dedicated compliance teams.
  • We recruit and train staff specifically for these key activities, to ensure the safety and security of our staff selection processes.
  • On top of these we guarantee you that we continually use an appraisal system that works well for both candidates and clients.